Holodnaya zima (cold winter)
by ZimZim August 23, 2007
term used for an oddly sized hobbit, who happens to be fat and extremely stupid. also know to use entirely too much gell so his bangs sticks up an extra 3 inches to make himself look slightly taller than he really is. A zima can often be spotted at a peasbodys.
holy shit dude, did u just see that zima? ive never seen a fat stupid hobbit before, maybe we should go see if its ok.
by Tommy the Hobbit August 28, 2008
A blowjob, particularly a sloppy, bad one
Scott got a zima behind the dumpster last night.
by RandyW83 June 21, 2017
It's what you drank in high school in the 90's.
"Wanna get some Natural Lights, and get drunk?"

"Yeah! But there's gonna be girls, so get some fu#@ing Zima too!"
by Michelle with a hell May 24, 2018
a liquor originally known by it's commercials and the slogan, Zomething different. taste is vaguely like flat 7 Up. a rather cheap drink, can be comsumed in masive amounts without the slightest buzz, until you stand up.
wow, she rounded the table with Zima bottles, and she's still fine. just dont ask her to get the door when the pizza arrives...
by Foozi100 July 31, 2005
They out there, with the fun out there, we gonna hit out there, with nothing to fear. Tear up the spot, get hot.

That's how Zima's jingle goes. It's some bad liquor, I'll tell ya that, and it had an annoying ass commerical during summer that pissed me off.
Always start with the clear...... If you have absolutly no taste in alcohol!
by Mastah Disastah December 10, 2003
bitch pop, an Ohio term for a fruity malt beverage. Men won't touch that muck.
Only bitches drink Zima, but enough of them will loosen up their thighs.
by England phi beta gamma December 1, 2007