a drinking game played similar to kings. the player will draw a card from a standard deck and will chug the number of seconds thats on the card. if a face card or ace is drawn you must chug the corresponding number of seconds.
ex: king is 13 ace 14. the game ends when all participants are absolutely hammered.
zhang: fuck kings lets play i want to get drunk now; lets play get drunk. is soooooooooooo simpo
by rob aka not rob August 1, 2009
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It takes all the negative implications of the day tuesday and flips it up side down.

Turning boring old beginning of the week tuesday
with your normal responsibilities and such into
a badass night.

preferably said with some oomph.
1* what are you up to tonight?

2* not shit its tuesday..

1* Oh i beg to differ...

2* Fuckin' A'
by Pimp420 May 27, 2008
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a phrase that people use to quite literally get “drunk and nastynasty meaning like sex
boy 1: do you wanna get drunk and nasty
boy 2: isn’t that gay tho?
boy 1: bro your gay
boy2: oh yeah
by mommy69 September 1, 2021
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It happens when an individual drinks too much and then acts and assumes they are really importnant with anyone that they deal with. This drunk person tends to overstate who they really are.
Getting wild tonight boys. Let's get drunk and be somebody. The pre-med student told everyone at the bar at 2am, he won Nobel Peace Prize for medicine.
by arl2580 October 29, 2010
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What you do when you don’t smoke weed and want to do sumthing with some sort of intoxication.
Phil, yo let’s go grocery shopping we all out of food.
Mark, yeah let’s get drunk first.
Phil, bett
by Guacdawg February 3, 2023
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getting as blackout drunk as Logan "Slur" Bell does on an average Monday night and not being able to speak fully coherent sentences. this usually occurs before 10:00 and only after a relatively low number of beers.
i got fuckin slurred last night
we're getting slur drunk tonight!
by olgobogo September 30, 2011
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like FUBAR but beyond FUBAR---this is for those party binges when you wake up 3 days later in girls clothes in another state
man this weekend was get fish drunk.
by EmlyLizabet December 15, 2010
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