To not respond to physical emotional pain in an emotional way. To keep emotions and actions under control.

To be macho, and not show that you are in any physical way or manner and never talking about your feelings.

Usually an expression used to say to a man or young man, or train young boys how to be a man in society. (It is not very frequently said to women, unless in a joking or occasionally mocking manner)
Scenario 1: Boy gets hit with a baseball during a game.
Coach: Joey, just shake it off. Take it like a man.

Senario 2: Dad tells his son: Son, if a girl ever hits you, you can never hit her back. You're just gonna have to take it like a man.
by Berkberk May 4, 2016
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To have a man's penis/ or toy insert up the bum,whether you are in fact a man or not.
(1)Rob: i was gettin' freaky with the chick down the hall, i asked if she would take it like a man .....she said no.
by daggski November 12, 2007
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1.) To get penetrated rectally.

2.) About the last thing you want to hear come out of your prison cellmate's mouth.
1.) Dolores was on the rag so I told her to roll over and take it like a man.

2.) Bubba: Schmidt! Roll over and take it like a man!

Schmidt: Yes, Bubba.
by Blemderhead1991 May 6, 2009
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