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Corporate euphemism for issue, problem, malfunction, or disaster. Used by corporate managers as a lame attempt to appear positive in the midst of major problems.
We are having some challenges with our computers, all data for the last three days was lost and cannot be restored.
by MBAsSuck September 06, 2006
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Something that you say out loud when someone is bullshitting you, or when you simply don't believe what the fuck they're talking about. Beware, for the bullshitter (aka challenge-artist) may be sneaky about it by slightly tweaking the story/comment to increase their cool-meter. You may also throw out a red flag (like in the NFL) if you have one handy, at the moment that the bullshit is dropped on you. You will find that the same people are constantly "challenged", because they like to live lies, and they feel better about themselves by making up stories about something 'cool' that they did, or something 'cool' that happened to them.
Nick: "What's up, how was the club last night after I left?"
TJ: "Oh man, you shoulda stayed...right after you left, I hooked up with like 8 chicks, and they all came back to my place!"

Danny: "Yo kid, I just drank a whole bottle of Jack!"
Chorus: "CHALLENGE!"
by ABSTRAKT September 29, 2005
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What is yelled after someone calls shotgun. When a challenge is issued the two battle in rock-paper-scissors best two out of three. Whoever wins holds the right to shotgun for the way to the destination. In order to avoid a dreaded challenge he or she has to yell "shotgun no challenge".
Anthony: Shotgun.

Brian: Challenge.

Anthony: Son of a bitch.


Brian: Shotgun no challenge.

Anthony: Damnit!
by TJTY June 04, 2009
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The nemesis of shotgun where once "shotgun" is called, the first friend to shout "challenge" gets to vie for the coveted front passenger seat via a game of rock scissors paper. Can be nullified by shouting "Shotgun, no challenge"
Friend 1: Come on, we gotta go
Friend 2: I call Shot gun
Friend 3: Challenge!
by merkin January 03, 2006
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1. A term used when greeting someone
2. A fight
1. Hey guys! Hows challenges?
2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking for a challenge?
by violinist August 13, 2006
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What Stinkoman asks you if you are asking for, in addition to fighting.
by The Man2 April 08, 2005
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a drinking game orgininated in the northeastern oregon town of milton-freewater. at any moment during a party if you've heard the word "challenge" shouted you must consume whatever you have in your hand as fast as possible. this is a good way to weed out the pussy drinkers who think they're rugged.

assists are also allowed
challenge: straight up

guy 1: dude that chick over there is hot.
guy 2: you should go over there and CHALLENGE!

challenge: with assist

guy 1: hey chuck, fill in the blank. i _______ you to a dual.
guy 2: is it by any chance, CHALLENGE!
by dylan w April 16, 2008
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