a "gangster" substitue for bitch. somehow, this word has found it's way into the mouths of every white teen in america.

see also: biatchitude and biatchitudestein
hey there Stephen. is it just me, or has Mandi really been acting like a biatch? she hasn't called me back in two days!
by Phalkon November 05, 2004
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An ending of any form of disrespect.
The end of a diss.
A synonym used for Diss, usually used in exclamation.
"Yo, I fucked yo mama laaast night... BIATCH!"
by Octavian March 05, 2004
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Biatch is another way to say the word bitch. The small tweak in pronunciation gives the word emphasis or an air of humor depending on situation. The popular rapper Snoop Dogg was the first to use the term "biatch!" on the multi-platinum selling album "The Chronic". The term was further popularized in his rap classic solo album titled "Doggy Style" on his hit single from that album "Gin and Juice". His style of slang changed rap, youth culture, and slang in a way that still resonates today.
Scenario: You are quoted a price to fix your car problem for $98, and when you pick up your car they tell you it will be $400.

In this scenario you might want to yell out the the words, "Biatch! You must be crazy!". But because you are more civilized then that, you would actually say the words, "I'm sorry there must be a mistake, I was given a quote of $98 dollars for this job.
by O-pseudo August 08, 2010
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derived from the word bitch
a less harsh way of calling someone a bitch
that girl is a biatch
hey biatch!
by hadie November 20, 2004
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Word originally created by gangstas, but sumhow used by every single spoiled white girl in America
Ohmygawd, Karen didn't call to go to Abercrombie and Fitch yesterday. What a frickin biatch!
by That freakin loser January 11, 2006
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(1) Synonym for "skank-ass ho"
(2) Epithet used to induce feelings of inferiority and/or emasculation
(1) "Yea, she lick my nuts for free like a regular biatch"

(2) "I played your ass like the little biatch you is"
by CdiddyP March 03, 2004
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1) Any girl who's acting like everyone is under her control

2) Girl that has waaay 2 much drama!

3) Girl who acts stupidly and selfish
A: Hello, Gorgeous!

B: Talk to my hand, you stupid bastard!

A: Hey Yoo! What a biatch!!
by andy_9149 February 19, 2011
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