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a mustache (from an abbreviation of mustache)
Your stache is nothing compared to mine.
by Light Joker March 27, 2005
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Slang for a thick, manly mustache that reaches to each corner of the lips perfectly; a 'stache is always well groomed.
- Hey Jeffrey, that 'stache is freakin' thick!
- Thanks, gurl.
by Fat Cat Gaberino June 02, 2010
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The man's 'stache wasn't very well-trimmed, so I suggested that he shave it off.
by Rodney Basil June 10, 2004
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A person who is genetically predispositioned to have upper lip hair. Usually accompanied by aviator sunglasses, police issue gloves and a pedophilia like stare down.
My friend Phil Stache has a stache because he is a stache.
by Justin August 15, 2003
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Something that is wicked cool, beyond uber sweetness. Something that is so cool that there is nothing to describe it except the word Stache.
That man is so stache!

Today was the stachiest day in my life!
by Jinglebells April 08, 2006
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1. A disgusting moustache on the corners above the mouth.

2. Something that needs to stop.

3. A moustache that only shows about 5 hairs on each side, and then is blank in the middle.
Guy 1: Wow Mike, shave the stache.
Mike: No, teh_stache is leet.
Guy 1: That really has to stop.
Mike: I'm an I.
by BIRDMAN. November 05, 2005
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