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The most perfect guy who would only be found in your dreams. he's sexy, the most funniest guy ever, talkative and has a deep look in his eyes and the most gorgeous smile in the world! He knows exactly how to sweep you off your feet.
"You're my jonny :-)"
by pixilated December 21, 2005
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by Andikun November 06, 2007
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The most amazing Person ever! You can Tell him everything and trust him with! He's funny and extremly nice! Hes going to be a good friend for a long time! If not a bestfriend! He might appear quiet at first but once you have met him a few times he's crazy!
Dan: who's that crazy kid?!
Jack: it's Jonny!
by 1233443 January 05, 2012
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Generally has a bigger cock then a justin
wow, he is more hung then justin, he is JONNY!!!
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A bloody amazing human being who is the biggest ladies man you will ever meet! Chicks line up at his door hoping to get a look at his washboard abs. He is a player but not only with the women, Jonny is also an incredibly talented sportsman especially when it comes to Basketball. Guys want to be him, and women want to date him. Jonny also has lots of Swag.
DAYUUUM! That guy is a Jonny!!
by SeLeNa GoMeZ May 11, 2013
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A Jonny is a funny, self-conscious kid with moderate to good looks, and an extensive personality. A Jonny is usually smart and will make sure you know it.

He will usually make snide comments just because he knows he can. He's no one's best friend, but he's sometimes close.
Usually underappreciated, but still well-liked. Skinny, not very strong usually. Usually called gay by jocks and the like; untrue, a Jonny is straight.
Very opinionated, and loves easily.
Mark: Man, that shit was nasty. Probably dead rats in it.

Jonny: If there were dead rats in it, wouldn't you be poisoned? (laughingly)

Mark: Dude, shut up.

(random chick): haha.
by achhh! [loves pie!] April 12, 2009
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The definition of legend. Generally short, he has a big cock and all the girls want him to make their gashes froth. He normally gets on with people by the name of Jake and James.
Jake: 'Jonny, I love you man'

Jonny: 'Sure you do pal. The feelings mutual, in a less gay way'
by legendaryurbanner October 12, 2011
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