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a building; the end result of a construction crew's erecting efforts.
Just looking at that big, beautiful erection that Frank Lloyd Wright designed gives me an erection.
by Nick D April 18, 2003
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A clear liquid with the following properties:

1) 95% alcohol (190 proof). This means
1 shot everclear = about 2 1/2 shots of most other hard liquors
2) Very flammable
3) Has a warning on the bottle that you should NOT drink it straight
4) Nobody really follows the above warning
5) When poured into a shot and consumed, will burn your throat like battery acid would
6) Mixes very well with juice, creating a potent potable called "jungle juice"
7) Most people generally underestimate its power and drink way too much, resulting in regurgitation of dinner and possible stomach-pumping
8) Is not legal in many states, or in some states only in it's 76.5% (153 proof) form
9) Generally about $15 a fifth, but think how much alcohol you're getting...
10) Everclear will not get that girl drunk to the point where you can hit it. It will get her drunk to the point where she'll puke like there's no tomorrow and probably pass out. Stick with regular liquor in this endeavor.
1 shot and you'll feel like you've been stabbed in the throat.
2 shots is the most you should ever give a girl that you have the intention of hooking up with in the next few hours.
3 shots will probably make you puke like never before if you're some dumb 14 year raiding your alcoholic dad's liquor cabinet.
4 shots will send you to the ER if you're the above person.
5 shots will probably kill the same dumb kid.
6 shots will get a 200 lb. guy pretty wasted.
7 shots will make him puke.
8 shots is my personal record. It resulted in serious loss of dinner and a very bad night and morning.

If you can break double digits, I'll either be really impressed or sending my regards to your family for the tragic loss.
by Nick D October 29, 2003
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An acronym for:

Describes a girl who is "good from far, but far from good" (appears hot from a distance, but becomes more and more busted as you approach each other.
After whistling and shouting a couple "OW OW!"s when checking out Julie from a far, Ted soon realized the terrible truth: that despite the decent body, it appeared that her face had caught on fire and been put out with a chain and some acid. However, since he was not a man of high standards and never turned down an easy piece of ass, he proceeded to bag it and tag it.
by Nick D October 28, 2004
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A person who spends an inordinate amount of time on thefacebook.com, consistently adding people they don't know as friends, joining groups, stalking people, etc.
Ken: "Sweet dogg! Caroline added me as a friend on the facebook today! That's basically 100% guaranteed ass-tappage! Giggidy giggidy!"
Mike: "I doubt it, man, that girl has 539 'friends' on there. Total facebook whore. Look, she even added 'Tony Danza' as a friend. I bet Tony hit that, right?"
Ken: "But, but, I, um..."
Mike: "Here, take the latest copy of 'Tig ol' Bitties,' go in the bathroom, and amuse yourself for a while."
Ken: "OK." (does just that)
by Nick D March 8, 2005
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A serious fall in which you land on your face. It's called a "face plant" because it appears as if you're trying to do an impression of a plant with your face as its roots.
Last night at Sigma Chi I was so wasted that I slipped, bounced off the ramp, and did a serious face-plant onto the ground below.
by Nick D May 24, 2004
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Something you say to express emphatic agreement with someone's prior statement.
Tool #1: "You probably shouldn't put diesel into your dad's Ferrari."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "I need to go to the gym every day so I can get really diesel. Girls like that, I think."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "You know what's an awesome CD? Shaq Diesel. It's even better than Allen Iverson's debut album, Vanilla Ice's last album, or any of New Kids on the Block's old stuff."
Tool #2: "Amen, brother."
Tool #1: "2 Fast 2 Furious just wasn't any good without the awesomest most extreme hardcore badass motherfucker alive: VIN DIESEL!!!"
Tool #2: "What the fuck, man? Paul Walker is the shit. Vin Diesel sucks a fat one."
Tool #1: "Dude you're such a tool I don't know whether to make fun of you or build a shed to store you in."
Tool #2: "Oh yeah? Your mom."
Tool #1: "That's harsh, man. You didn't have to go there."
by Nick D July 13, 2004
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Used in place of "I", "me", or "my". A synonym of "a playa". I would advise against referring to yourself in this way if you're a person of the pasty persuasion.
by Nick D January 20, 2004
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