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a wild, crazy, or freaky person.
that nutbar that blew past us gotta be going at least a buck and a half!
by westman November 08, 2003
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A fucking hardcore nutter. Someone you really don't want to mess with. Would probably break a bottle over your noodle, then ask questions later.
'You really don't wanna mess with that guy mate, he's a fucking nutbar'
by richard piper July 01, 2004
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Del: Alright, ladies and gentlemen. It takes two people to run a concert: one back stage, and one out front. One man alone cannot do this. Wayne, you will run the backstage team. Milton, you are my liaison between Wayne's backstage team and Garth's front-stage team which includes myself in the booth. To the left and right of the stage are machine-gun pillboxes, M-60 Browning. Now these babies tend to heat up so shoot in 3 second bursts. In the event of capture I will personally distribute these cyanide capsules to be placed under the tongue like so. Places a capsule in his mouth Any questions?

Garth: Yes, I have a question. When did you turn into a nut-bar?
by Shomaster February 24, 2006
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To describe someone as being a proper mentalist. Someone who is totally unhinged and delusional
Damn, Dr Hewitt has lost the plot. She's a proper Nutbar.
by Neil Hick August 09, 2007
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When someone is acting really out of character, does something you don't agree with or is in serious danger of looking like a prat, you call them a nutbar.
person:what do you think if I went to the gig in this?
other person:I'd think you were a nutbar it'd get trashed in seconds...

person:I need to be there by 3.30
other person: you nutbar you're going to be late anyway!
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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an utterly foolish, Silly or senseless person.
If someone says something "silly" you can refer to them as a nutbar.
by Wardsha2002 February 24, 2009
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Adjective. Term used to describe when something is stupendously outrageous or of extremely superb quality.
"Dude... that girl's body is nutbar!!"

"Yo momma looks nutbar in that Cheetah skin miniskirt"

"Man, that new Lexus IS is nutbar!"
by Myko Wang October 20, 2005
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