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The last name of one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Will always be an awesome boyfriend and be there for you no matter what. He plays lots of sports and is friends with everyone. Mostly named nick or john. He has beautiful eyes and one of the best looking guys you'll ever see. He has an awesome personality and any girl would be lucky to have him. He loves dogs and is down-to-earth guy. He loves peaches and gummy bears.
This boy Hewitt is one amazing person.
by Secret Admirer :* February 27, 2012
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the act of scaling a flight of stairs by running full speed. Hewitt syndrome causes the inability to walk up or down flights of stairs. One who hewitts must run down/up them without exception. We also have identified that hewitting stairs is hereditary and will inflict entire families. Expert Hewitts can climb a 12-step flight of stairs in approximately 3.2 seconds. The title "Master Hewitt" is obtained when one can skip every other stair and scale a standard 12-stair array in less than 3 seconds. If someone develops the Hewitt syndromm, there is no cure and it becomes completely involuntary and uncontrolable. Hewitt syndrome becomes worse over the years and hase not yet been found curable. Evidence supports the only way to deal with the Hewitt epidemic is prevention. Removal of all stair cases and replacements with elevators, rope ladders, and firemans poles. NEVER LET A HEWITT AROUND AN ESCALATOR, Results could be deadly, some say hewitts can travel up a moving escalator at nearly 25 mph or 6 stp(stairs per second). This can be dangerous to anyone in the vicinity.
Dude, slow down you're going to break your neck if you keep hewitting those stairs.
by Stevin September 06, 2008
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