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Contraction form of 'it would' used to express speculative desire.
It'd be nice to have an intelligible conversation with him; it's just too bad he's an idiot.
by February 06, 2012
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Intent to distribute. As in, possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell them.
"Dude, I just got caught with half an ounce of weed. Good thing it was all in the same bag, or they could have gotten me for ITD!"
by Wilfred The Dog August 14, 2011
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inner thigh distance of a woman (person)
she has a nice ITD

she can fit a keg in her ITD
by justin June 10, 2004
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buy the domain for your diy vlog
Contraction of "it would". How is this not a real word?
It'd be a shame if this was never a real word and I've just been using it my whole life anyway.
by Kcast July 18, 2016
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I.T.D. Is a name for a Internet Transmitted Disease, Spread around as a joke, Started with a Few people on Skype named Tom, and Phil. (It's mean't as a complete joke, it doesn't mean any thing.)
by xTomTheBeastx August 31, 2010
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(acronym for Internet transmitted disease)
Any piece of code that can cause harm to a computer, such as a virus or worm.
Man I got a really bad ITD form that script kiddie
by Capt. Capacitor January 13, 2005
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