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Kpoli also know as weed, marijuana this name is commonly used most especially in the ghetto of Nigeria West Africa.
Guy 1: Sup gee what’s happening

Guy 2: Baba nothing much I just the roll my kpoli
by westman April 16, 2019
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a criminal record; a rap sheet
Luger had a trail that went back 10 years.
by westman November 7, 2003
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"dude, let's shoot some stick after work."
by westman November 10, 2003
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a wild, crazy, or freaky person.
that nutbar that blew past us gotta be going at least a buck and a half!
by westman November 8, 2003
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an old beat up car; heap; jalopy
"I drove that crate until the wheels practically fell off of it!"
by westman November 7, 2003
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1) another way of saying "consider it done" or good to go

2)over; finished; no more
1) "I checked with the agent about our free trip to Cancun, she told me it's a done deal!"

2) "Stephanie said that its now a done deal between her and Rob - after their 15th breakup!"
by westman February 2, 2004
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to return to the place where you started from, usually faster then getting to where you are now.
"We had to double back to the car when Jimmy realized he left his keys in it."
by westman November 11, 2003
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