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Out of character (OOC) is usually concerned with role playing or fan fictions. It's when one person
1. either stops writing/typing as that character and speaks as them self to whoever is reading.

2. The character that is being used isn't acting like that character will act. Often happens because someone doesn't know that much about the fandom or just not very experienced with that character.

Often someone will try to warn that they will be Out Of Character at some points or in all.
In the fan fiction I just read Ron was completely out of character like it wasn't even him!
by JeanDaOtaku August 12, 2015
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When a character with an already well defined personality acts in a way that they normally would not. They do or say something that they as a character would not normally say, given the personality the writer has already assigned them. This happens very often when your show/book/story has a self-insert or Mary Sue
β€œThis orc barbarian who has killed 13 dragons just got scared of a bee! Man that seems out of character!”
by (Actually not named) Atalanta January 28, 2019
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