An exclamation made by you after someone says something you find particularly true.
"This ice cream is cold."

"and a half!!!"
by Dakas August 31, 2003
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Used at the end of o sentence, usually used when insulting someone. adds emphasis to the insult itself and makes it just that much worse.
1.) Man your a bitch and a half

2.) That party was lame and a half

3.) That girl is ugly and a half.

4.) your a tard and a half
by Dutin Miller March 10, 2008
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1) To add emphasis on insulting / glorifying words.
2)Used to highlight the extra obvious flaws of a person/object.
1)Justin: I told him he was stupid-and a half for sharpening his pen.
b)Bob: That kid is beast-and a half.

2)Barbara: That girl is like fat-and a half, it's not even funny.
by Mangos808 October 17, 2009
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Usually comes before the words derp or headcase.
(1) Look at Eli Manning, he’s a derp and a half.
(2) Evander Kane has progressed fro being a headcase and a half to an average 2nd line grinder for the Sharks.
by Polandballcomix4u June 16, 2018
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