An exclamation made by you after someone says something you find particularly true.
"This ice cream is cold."

"and a half!!!"
by Dakas August 31, 2003
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Used at the end of o sentence, usually used when insulting someone. adds emphasis to the insult itself and makes it just that much worse.
1.) Man your a bitch and a half

2.) That party was lame and a half

3.) That girl is ugly and a half.

4.) your a tard and a half
by Dutin Miller March 10, 2008
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Usually comes before the words derp or headcase.
(1) Look at Eli Manning, he’s a derp and a half.
(2) Evander Kane has progressed fro being a headcase and a half to an average 2nd line grinder for the Sharks.
by Polandballcomix4u June 13, 2018
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A service that is offered, and performed, by a prostitute. One half is oral sex, the other half is vaginal sex.
That was a cheap trick, he gave me fifty for a half and half.
by Chrono October 5, 2004
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When a hooker spends half the time blowing you and half the time fucking you.

A half & half generally costs more than sex as the whore has to do more work and probably has to use two condoms, as she doesn't want what's in her mouth going into her pussy.
"So whatcha want honey: some head, sex, or half & half?"
by RomanGod June 20, 2007
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getting head and vag sex for one price
that ho said: "10 bucks for head... 15 for half-in-half"
by Jankyboy June 24, 2005
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