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Someone who spams, annoys members of sites and shortcuts frequently. Usually on a chat or game site and most are new but not all new people are n00bs.
n00b:OMG post this in 10 boards and you'll get (insert ridiculous wish here).!!!!!!!

NOT a n00b:Hi i've just joined this site :)

There are a lot of n00bs on Neopets, for example.
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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Someone who spams and deliberately tries to annoy other people on a site (usually a message board). They don't hang around for long because people report them immediately. The act of reporting a troll is called 'troll squishing'.
troll: u r all idiots fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!
troll:why should i care you fucking gay loser
*troll is deleted*
person: ah that's better
by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
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When someone is acting really out of character, does something you don't agree with or is in serious danger of looking like a prat, you call them a nutbar.
person:what do you think if I went to the gig in this?
other person:I'd think you were a nutbar it'd get trashed in seconds...

person:I need to be there by 3.30
other person: you nutbar you're going to be late anyway!
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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To 'own' or to be better than everything else. If something rocks, it pwns. End of. Usually when someone is being a n00b you will say you pwn them. Usually used ont he net, not real life.
random person:I pwn you, n00b!

person one:MCR pwn A7X.
person two:No way! A7X pwn way more!
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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Opposite of teh sex. Something is the worst, least appealing, the lowest. Usually the thing being described is disappointing to the user of the phrase.
'This is teh sux'
'You're telling me'

by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
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'leet' or elite in hacker speak. Originally from a group called Dead Cow but spread through forums and sites like a virus and now all the n00bs say it. Also (apparently) one of the favourite phrases of ad0 and ek0, 'famous' hackers on the circuit. People who aspire to become hackers use it. Also used as a term for substituting numbers and letters so instead of saying restocker you'd say r35t0ck3r.
'ZOMG this is so 1337!'

'u r a 1337 r35t0ck3r!'
'Oh please, you are way more 1337 than me!'
'you're both n00bs for even using 1337.'
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006
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