crazy, insane, psychotic, confused; a basketcase. not attached where it really counts, much like a door.
this bitch is obviously unhinged.
by jon January 10, 2005
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a term tumblr girls used to define themselves. mad, insane, mentally unstable, psychotic
the unhinged girl urge to commit arson tonight
by yelenabelova December 21, 2021
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crazy cool...a little crazy but entirely awesome at the same time.
John: Man, I've never seen a party like this before.

Peter: Yeah bro, I'm so happy my parents left so we could use their house to throw this party!
John: Fosho, thanks! Oh man now there are two chicks making out on top of a beer pong game! This party is unhinged!
by Bearclaw611 August 13, 2013
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Sykkuno. That’s all. Sykkuno is unhinged.
Person: Sykkuno is unhinged! GTA changed him!
by chiakiifujisaki April 14, 2021
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the second "spoof" set for the card game magic the gathering. A set made up of cards that were created to have fun with. These cards are not tournament legal. The first set of joke cards was called unglued.
John: Adam how is the unhinged set
Adam: Cool but not as funny as unglued
by silvertalon215 November 23, 2004
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The act of an individual or a group of individuals taking unreasonably aggressive amounts of action to reach a pinnacle state.
Things are going to get totally fucking unhinged today.

This week was completely unhinged.
by Danimal201 April 1, 2019
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