Word used to describe anything that is above the rest; elite.
Your shoes are superb. Where did you get them?
by Robyn July 28, 2003
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When something is good, excellent, wonderful.
It was a superb performance.

His performance is by far superb.
by LilRoddy1993 November 29, 2009
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Something white moms say
"Pam, your potato salad at the potluck was superb!!"
by JennyFromTheBlock(ed) January 27, 2017
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A gay person thats wants to be special
Hey you superb you fag.
by sYpHuN iNc. June 3, 2004
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A strictly platonic bed consisting of two or more mattresses pushed together on the floor. The bigger the space and the more mattresses, the better.
I only sleep well when I'm in a superbed with 35 of my closest friends and at least 4 cats.
by su-PER-bed August 22, 2003
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A cup of beer with a shot of hard liquor added to it. Any liquor can be used to make Superbeer, but vodka and whiskey are the most popular. The finished product usually has an alcohol content of around 10%, depending on the beer and liquor used.
I blacked out after drinking six cups of Superbeer at the party last night.
by Four Loko Frat Guy December 11, 2021
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