Basically someone whos a major idiot, or is delusional and dumb. Acts against logic and thinks hes self-righteous. AKA: Major dumbass.

Good example: Percy from HP and from 5th book
"You stupid prat!"
by Disnchanted November 23, 2003
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a self-aggrandizing, pompous fuck. Someone who is full of themselves and, almost invariably, stupid as well. With a hint of 'deluded.'
"I'm getting really tired of listening to Vince brag about his conquests. What a prat."
by cyclopsca January 31, 2006
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Behaving stupidly, or looking stupid. A British slang word, similar to idiot.
Wearing a yellow bowtie made Bob look a right prat.
by Delpigeon July 24, 2005
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A prat is someone who would actually contribute to Urban Dictionary.
I am a prat.
by Michael911 September 26, 2010
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An English term for "ass", also used to descibe someone as stupid and arrogant.
"No, I lose all bets to the bookies. You can't change fighters at the last minute, so no, I don't have my fight do I, you fucking prat?"

-Alan Ford as "Brick Top" Polford in 'Snatch'
by VooDooXII August 24, 2006
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Meaning ass or buttocks (as in "pratfall"), but used pejoratively as an insult.
"The man is a real prat!"

"Don't be such a prat, Charlie."
by Jack December 25, 2003
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A prat is a cadet who is spoiled, arrogant, and rich with blond hair, blue eyes, and a big circumcised dick.
My cadet roomie, Matt, calls me a prat -- dunno, maybe I am! (btw, I'm the cadet in the giphy - at the far right bottom of the end.}
by USAF Cadet November 24, 2020
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