Messing around or to mess is two people having no commitment or feelings for each other. Messing consist of (kissing, flirting, chilling, cuddling) basically things people to enjoy each others time. Sexual activites (full ot sex, oral, anal, etc,.) Things people make up, enjoy l, want to try.
So I recently just met this cut boy Johnny and he is so cute. But I only just want to mess with him.

I don't want nothing close to serious. Just want to mess with people if you know what I mean, but of course I use protection.
by Crosby Kid September 9, 2015
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Drunk as all fuck.
Stumbling around, picking fights with natives on bicycles.
Shaking everyone’s hand.
“Holy shit, there goes The Mess leaving the Woodbine again. Why’s he picking fights with that group of natives
by Inbred Jethro July 23, 2019
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Playing/Joking around with another.
Playing tricks or jokes.
Deliberate wrong doing.
To waste time by engaging in aimless activity.
by Consultajf February 23, 2007
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Fucked in the head. No idea about anything. Just Stupid!
You are messed. (with a disgusted look)
by Rich Ferrari November 29, 2003
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You can use the word mess after someone says or does something that's embarrassing, stupid, pathetic, ridiculous, or weird. Honestly can be used after a lot of things. Even sometimes when you don't know what to reply, "mess" might work.
It's so hard to define mess... Mess. Check examples for a better understanding.
Sometimes has a t at the end. (Messt)

xtina: I can't believe that ratchet hoe has the same bag as me!!
nicki: Mess

rus: So yesterday I drunk texted my ex boyfriend
nicki: Mess

abby: *drops phone*
xtina: Mess

nerd: Damn I forgot to do my homework -.-
xtina: Mess
by texasforever June 8, 2014
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An adverb which denotes a lot, quite a bit or very much.
I am hungry as mess.

It is cold as mess in your room.
by bounce deezy February 23, 2011
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1. The act of interfering with something that is not yours, or
2. To alter, change, use, touch, examine or interact in any way with someone else's property or person.
Hey, stop messing with my stuff, man!
by Just_I August 4, 2005
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