(nu-tter) n.

1. a crazy person
2. someone who is psychotic

Used in the U.K to describe f#@ked up people
Did you see that guy? What a nutter.
by KAC March 20, 2005
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Used in British English to refer to someone who is insane.

Also probably the most common mistake made by outsiders when trying to reproduce a British accent. For the record, it's either "he's a nutter" or "he's nuts". Saying "he's nutters" is a good way to make British people dislike you.
Good: "What are you, some kind of nutter?"
Bad: "Are you completely nutters?"
by radishey May 07, 2009
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A mentally unwell person. One who is crazy/pyschotic. It's a brain condition which is inherited and makes one act in irrational and insane ways.
People think im a nutter. I must take after my father.
by Rehmyer October 17, 2007
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The creeps that come into a stickam chat/live and want to show their private parts to anyone. Often just want some to 'watch' as they beat it.
I banned a really old nutter today, it was disgusting.
by cashit August 29, 2009
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gross, mushy, sticky, slimy, or oily things. things such as cum, horse poop, and peanut butter to name a few.
(n) "yo dude, you have some nutter on your face"
(v) "don't nutter!"
by Prince Henry December 09, 2009
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Damn it, man! Put your nutter away.
Mike: I fucked that bitch so hard last night and I came in her eye.
Dave: Shit, Mike... You need to stop being such a fucking nutter!
by Fafnir March 04, 2006
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