The name of a Monkey like man residing in the state of New York.
Enjoys eating, drinking, lying, and partying excessively with very little money to do so most times. Lots of fun to hang out with but at times he is a bit much. He's Mooch, a.k.a. S-dot, a.k.a. Grasso, aka Monk.
"I can't believe the stories that Mooch tells, that kid is really troubled"

Mooch told me he was on probation and my response was "DEWZ"
by M-Dot March 5, 2004
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someone who always asks for stuff from a friend or random people; preferably food.
Nelly always mooches sugar cookies off Sarah.
by Marciexx April 27, 2008
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I mooched this little blonde bird last night- oh- she was a fuckin dancer im tellin ya.
by womoma April 18, 2005
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Freeloadin, pool playin, hick
Tam is a mooch, dat beyotch.....dumped me for pool and beer!
by RaeRae February 27, 2003
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Was the 'Bully' from the TV Series: 'Different Strokes' (With Webster!)
MAn, that mooch got me real bad
by pwa March 16, 2005
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It signifies love between two best friends a and b.
You can also show it like: moochily; meaning much i love you. But then again you cant because your not one of the two girls it applies to...shame on you :)
alice loves beth mooch, it can be used in conjunction with head i.e: moochead
by A*c*e April 26, 2007
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he's totally got a mooch
mooch juice!
by Toonie April 22, 2004
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