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A derogatory slang term for lower class whites raised in rural areas, usually within trailer parks or hog farms. Generally used more for Midwesterners than Southerners (see: redneck)
General defining characteristics of a hick: Protestant upbringing, usually Baptist; racist and sexist opinions; does not attend collage ; dumber than a post.
That hick Dwayne wanted to take me muddin' in the stripper pits last night.

Have you been to the 4-H fair? God what a hick town.
by glitterfaerie January 30, 2003
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I am a melomaniac.
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I person from a rural area, usually in the northern states. Unlike rednecks, hicks usually are far out from heavily populated areas. Many dislike the cities and rarely venture there. Many hicks who live in Northern New England are also experienced woodsmen and enjoy the woods.
Look at that hick over there. We know we're in Vermont now!
by The woodsman August 21, 2006
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A Hick:
-May or may not be intelligent or somewhat educated
-Doesn't go to KKK meetings
-May or may not be imbreeded
-Wears overalls and straw hats
-Doesn't always wear shoes
-Are lucky to have a computer
-Might be seen chewing on a hay straw
-Doesn't drink beer; drinks moonshine
-Doesn't live in trailer parks like rednecks; quite a few live in suburban houses, but most live in the southern foothills, Appalachia, and vast farmlands throughout the Midwest.
-Is less racist and bigoted towards differences, but is still serious about defending whatever their particular way of life may be
-Are usually more hospitable, especially in the mountains of the South, or the massed farms of the Midwest.
-Aren't always as violent as rednecks.
I went down to eastern Tennessee and saw a bunch of hillbilly-ish people, but they were all nice to me, and they were all wearing shoes. I heard some talking about how stupid the KKK was...
by Journey fan August 12, 2004
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Derogatory term for a someone from the country. Somewhere between a bumpkin an a redneck, though they tend to get wrongly lumped in either category. Unlike bumpkins, they are aware of the world beyond their rural setting, and probably have lived briefly in the city before returning to the quieter life they prefer. Unlike rednecks, they are generally educated, nice people who don't chastise non-religious people and aren't racist.
Loser: Yawl check out the new guy in the mail room? 'Bout time we hired us a real life redneck.
Me: I'd say he's more of a hick.
Loser: What's the difference?
Me: Yo momma.
by Veldrimal December 14, 2004
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adj someone that lacks culture and social grace, esp. one that exhibits rural mannerisms, habits and preferences; anything which shows a lack of taste, sophistication and demonstrates general ignorance; simple Enlgish littered with colloquialisms and mistakes esp. improper use of pronouns, contractions and incorrect verb tenses or conjugation.
Ann Lee: I made a wad of money apple pickin' this autom sic and I bought a F-150.

Michael: Ann, you are really hick. Why do you go around bragging about about performing low-skilled, repetetive jobs and driving gaz-guzzlers?

Cletus: I am taking off a week early for spring break to go hunting with my second cousins from my second mom's side.

Isabella: Oh my god, why would someone spend their spring break hunting? I don't mean to be rude, but that is completely hick.

I.e. the sign exhibits hick grammar.
by reptheother November 28, 2007
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A hick is often thought to be a white-trash hillbilly by ignorant people who think they have the right to judge others. In reality hicks are a bit different than hillbillies or redneck but may very well be both. Hicks are very proud people, love their country and are ofter (but not always) religious. They are normally born and raised in rural country of any state although is is possible to convert to a hick from any other life-style if the person enjoys the hick life. Most hicks enjoy hobbies such as: hunting, fishing, mudding, nascar, football, taking care of animals, drinking socially,etc... It is said they are uneducated but this is simply a stereotype and many go to college. Hicks tend to be very hard working and many are farmers. Some believe in the good ol" days and are often old fashion which can result in racism. Many people mistake them as poor due to the fact that they save their money for most important priorities such as children or family, big trucks for good times, and making great memories. The things that have real value in life over money. The easiest was to find out if someone is a hick is to simply ask them, if not you will get a dirty look in return if they are the most common answer is "hell yeah!"
Hick1: "hey buddy, got the ford runnin, wana go muddin after the race?"
Hick2: "yeah man that'd be cool ill fire up the chevy incase I gota pull ya out when you get stuck"
Outsider: "hello, I over heard you two talking from across the bar, I was just wondering, are you hicks?"
Hicks: "Hell yeah!"
by BeeLynn April 07, 2011
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