Mat and Pat are two "best friends" who play random video games. They most commonly tease and bully each other as they play and even fight each other, when the can, in video games. But these antics are what make them so entertaining. They are part of the Machinima and TheSw1tcher you tube director/producer groups. They often have funny animation intro's that show just how good these boys get along. Pat is known to be the meanest and crudest of the two boys and Mat is more like the punching bag of the two. Although mat has thrown a few "punches" at Pat several times before. However they do appear to get along in a couple videos such as the Two Best Friends Play - Persona 4, Two Best Friends Play - Man Vs. Wild, and Two Best Friends Play: Rise of Nightmares. And they do have some rather foul language and adult themed comments through out most of their videos. They are still quite funny and at 57,215 subscribers they are not the most popular, however they deserve a lot more!
Two best Friends Play-Rise Of Nightmares

Pat: well that was shocking

Mat: Looks like he was caught hanging around
by WolfLuvar15 April 17, 2012
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A phenomena when there are two girls are best friends and are both pretty.*

Note: This phenomena has never been observed in real life
Man sitting in car: I ain't never seen two pretty best friends. Its always "one of them's always gotta be ugly".
by bigphatcoochie October 30, 2020
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A man sitting in a car once said that there can’t be two best friends whom are both pretty, one of em ALWAYS gotta be ugly. That information is false. Behold, Shrek and Donkey: the prettiest of best friends! Dem some Sex-c bois right there!
Person 1: I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends, one of em always gotta be ugly!
Person 2: Oh yeah, what about Shrek and Donkey?
Person 1: Wait... Nah, that’s a fiiiiiine pair of besties! I’d clap them cheeks any day! Hot damn!
by Goth goblin December 1, 2020
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The two pretty best friends saying was originally a tiktok video by @jayrscottyy and he says “ i ain’t never seen two pretty best friends, it’s always one of em gotta be ugly” meaning he’s jokingly saying there can’t be two pretty best friends in the duo..
Liam: Wow she’s pretty

Jake: i bet her best friend isn’t

Liam: Why?
Jake: i any never seen two pretty best friends
by Coconutapple November 5, 2020
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