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Probably the most amazing human being you will ever encounter, if you are lucky enough to meet her that is.

You meet thousands of people all the time, who come and then go, but then you meet your Nelly who dances into your life and who will never be forgotten.

If you think you have met that Nelly, do not let her go.
I just met my Nelly.
by mainstream76 May 07, 2011
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Sweet, beautiful girl, very intelligent and creative. Though very stubborn and often pessimistic. More of a leader then follower. Often not one of the most popular girls around, but does have a group of friends. You would be very lucky to have a Nelly in your life. Whether a friend or lover. Nelly's often switch back and forth from the dark and light side. They will get evil if pushed to it, but will be an angel if treated right. And often act before thinking.
Cornelius.. 'Have you seen Nelly?'

Obbas.. 'No'
by Obbas Isaah July 18, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is kind, pretty, sassy, fierce, and has a great fashion sense. She embodies elegance. She is very smart, typically maintaining a 4.0 GPA in school. She has long beautiful hair with high cheekbones. She looks like a model and is very likable. She is very funny and silly. Once you meet a Nelly nothing will be the same. She will change your life and you'll be glad she did.
"Woah she is such a pretty model! She must be named Nelly" "You have a 4.0 in class? Your name must be Nelly"
by kellybellyboom December 01, 2013
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Nelly: the most amazing girl in the world. This girl boi she is a head turner one look at her and you’ll be saying “damn girl”
Nelly is soo sweet, beautiful, heart melting, sarcastic at time, kind, loving, caring for others. She might not be popular but once her name comes up in a crowed everyone know how she is. She’s amazing. If you have a nelly in yiur life don’t let her go. She will hold you tight forever you just need to treat her right. She will care for you. She might go from I love you to i wanna leave this world but all she needs is to be reminded of how much of an amazing person she is. She may have a heart made of pure love but it will be damaged by others. All you need to do is fix it the best you can. She might find it hard to hand her heart to you for good but just wait Because she will give you that amazing caring heart of hers.

She’s a loyal friend and will do anything to protect her friends at any cost.

She’s beautiful and forever she shall stay that way. Love that girl just as much as she loves you. Heck love her more because she deserves the loving. She’s the closest thing to a perfect girl.
Jonathan: Hey Jaocb you seen that nelly girl
Jacob: yea she’s over there. Just sitting soo beautifully

Jonathan: thanks man. I knwo right. I’m soo fricken lucky to have her as my girl.

Jaocb: yea dude you are. And I hate ya for that haha only joking.
by SpeedingCube December 28, 2017
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Nelly is a pretty girl who likes to follow her dream. She is very kind and thoughtful. Sometimes she can be sassy and immature but she's still perfect god made her. She likes to ask "whats the meaning of life"? She loves god and Jesus. She will never give up. She's a model for younger children like her. She doesn't follow she leads. But maybe one day she will lead herself into a mess. It depends use your choices whisly you know what they say "life is short. 💗
Nelly is a beatuful and a strong girl who doesn't give up. She prays to god everyday. She loves to act,model,sing and dance. She doesn't follow she leads. Everyone who meets her says "I'm not gonna BE suprised to see you on T.V one day. She always wants to make her parents happy....but they are never. Good luck with ur journey DONT LOOK BACK
by Nellyheadley July 05, 2017
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A very feminine or seemingly homosexual male, popularized by season three of "Arrested Development," where George Senior and Lucille Bluth refer to the seemingly homosexual Tobias as a "nelly." Can be used as a noun or adjective.
Man this party is turning a bit too nelly for me.
by Vampire February 22, 2006
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St. Louis rapper. Produced gems such as Country Grammar, Nellyville, Sweat and Suit. Just like any other artist, he has pop songs, he has thoughtful songs, and he has tough songs. I was at first disappointed at Sweat/Suit, but I found good stuff in "N Dey Say" (which samples Spandau Ballet's "True", nothing less) and "My Place" (using some old Teddy Pendergrass song). No, he's not gay, I don't know where all you iconoclasts got that. He may not be God on earth, he may have a beef with KRS-ONE (whom I respect and who should pick his battles more carefully), he may not be the most original, best, what have you, but he's not an outright fraud like the recent influx of pointless Southern rap garbagemen. He went from a strict thug to a sophisticated (not in function, but in form) rhymesayer. Him wearing a bandaid is what every idiot criticizes him for, unaware that their favorite pop bands can equally be criticized for their own superficial details. Only Nelly's bandaid isn't exactly superfluous, you clueless morons. In conclusion, he's severely underrated by elitists and people entirely irrelevant in their criticism of him, severely overrated by tasteless mainstream consumers, and taken for his true worth by people with a mind not clogged with useless garbage.
Idiot: Nelly's a gay fag, if you listen to him, you're not a gangster like me, cause I listen to Fitty.
Me: Fitty kissed The Game and is completely hated by everyone outside his quintet of sentient life forms of the same single-digit intelligence quotient.
by modulatum June 07, 2005
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