Possibly the lamest phrase ever. It is commonly used by parents in a lousy attempt to discipline and possible threaten their kids
Me: What the fuck does that mean? Is that a threat?
by PoDumpTo January 2, 2009
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Someone who wrote a really harsh letter.

Or In agreement with said letter.

You: ok, i sent this e-mail to my ex. Long story short, she was making her arrangements to move out and i think had gone out to her sisters, anyway she comes homes and demands that i give her 2,150 dollars SO i LOL of course, guess what she says. "If you DO NOT GIVE ME THAT AMOUNT OF CASH, I WILL TAKE YOUR CARS AND SELL THEM". YUp, i had my cars under her name , so taht night i was eating a juicy burger and when i heard those words i lost my appetite LITERALLY. Anyway one car was worth 10 grand (prelude) which i bought in CASH, REALLY low miles 40k on the ODO. lemme stop rambling
here's the Email

I've been thinking lately why i should get back together with you becky. I asked myself what do i miss most about you? and the only thing i could think of is that you were humble, but i was wrong after you said you would take my car or cars and sell 'em if i didn't give a certain amount of money and that right there sealed your fate with us. WOW i said to myself, You were upset YES but you would go that far, and be a SNAKE, DECEITFULL,. SHAME ON YOU REBECCA, i know women use their emotions when they get upset but you took it too far. I mean i have my faults (which u never seem to admit and if you do say you have faults, i don't think you think and realize your faults). I mean we lived together and yes you wanted LOVE, in my world i DO NOT HOW TO SHOW LOVE, i never HAD A MOTHER and a FATEHR when he was there he himself seems like he was LOST. But i'm sure he loved me but he didn't know how to show it. ANyway were done rebecca, i regret meeting you, don't write me, don't call (unless it involves ava) don't call to say happy b-day, if i die let me die alone, if you see me in the streets see me as a stranger, dont' call to say merry xmas, or happy new year, I DO NOT WANT TO BE NEAR YOU, I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT YOU, I FEEL ANGER WHEN I SEE YOU, HATE is a STRONG WORD and taht's how i feel towards you. I'm ASHAMED to call you the MOTHER of my CHILD, I REGRET HAVING A BABY WITH YOU. As long as i live i will trust no WOMAN because of you, I WILL HOLD THIS PAIN AND ANGER as long as i live, it's all i know, and i will use it as my defense in LIFE.

Also do what you do BEST LET you GIRLFRIENDS READ THIS AND FURTHER BASH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Raysboomboomlude August 26, 2008
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dead in the water

expression said when one person is fooled...if he gets fooled once, its shame on him, but not twice, its shame on all of you...
fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on all of you
by blthrskt October 30, 2008
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