mew-chtch; verb. To walk in the local area for the sake of walking; often in order to de-stone oneself after a session. Often this is accompanied with stopping off for chippy and a fight before returning home.
"Feel a bit er, stoned, can we go for a mooch"

"I've been taken ill all of a sudden; fancy a mooch?"
by Luke Prescott November 21, 2007
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someone who always asks for stuff from a friend or random people; preferably food.
Nelly always mooches sugar cookies off Sarah.
by Marciexx April 27, 2008
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A scab or freeloader who comes to your house uninvited and overstays his welcome (For more than about 3 days) and proceeds to eat all your food, stink up your bathroom, take all your drugs and just generally leech all the blood from your body during their stay.
"Don't let Jae in again, he is the biggest moocher."
"Your'e not coming over if your'e going to mooch again!"
Q: "Where have you been the last few days, son?" - MOM
A: "Just mooching at Jae's for a while."
by Diego June 30, 2003
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To assure someone you will pay (literally or symbolically) them back, but have no actual plans to do so. You can still have a good heart though, so it is ok.
Ed mooches off of many. Ed mooched off of Rick and Katie, but he promised he would pay them back. Ed eventually buys a ukulele, believing his music will lure in some magic. Ed has a good heart. Therefore, he decides to name his new wave band, The Mooch. The acknowledgement of his moochy ways helps him rest in a grey scaling of the true meaning of repayment . The Mooch becomes successul, attracting many heavy jammers. Ed never forgets the origins of his band's title. He even writes a song called Katie In The Mud With Magic. However, Ed never pays Katie back. Is Ed still a moocher?
by mamalunardog March 11, 2017
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See bree gilbert. Also, one who wants to try every single thing you are eating or drinking.
I couldn't enjoy my dinner today because bree was mooching off of me the whole time I was trying to eat.
by xxpaiig3x August 19, 2009
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someone who takes everything for free and makes you buy stuff and takes things from you
hey do you know jackie quinn?

yea hes a mooch!!!!!~
by BALL54k February 27, 2011
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to "hang out" with a group of friends
"lets go mooch"
by Russ September 14, 2003
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