it is the abbreviation from the word telling. a shortened form of telling.
OK. I'm still tellin'.
by Jane dyana March 10, 2021
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One who builds their bedroom brand by openly discussing their bedroom romps to all those who will listen either directly or via texts or social media
Hooked up last night and she was such a Tellin Ellen that now the whole world knows about our hook up
by Dr Fred January 5, 2020
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i'm completely serious and/or quite positive of what i've just said.
"hey, that guy over there was just checking out your ass."
"yeah, right. come off it."
"i'm tellin' ya..."
by missanthropy February 16, 2006
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when someone says something that you very obviously already know..emphesis on the "you"! Meant to be sarcasm, but not in an offensive way.
If my girl were to say to me "Johnny Depp is sexy." I'd say "Who You Tellin?!" I know this!
by Amanda Wambold December 29, 2007
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-Be 100% percent honest with your previous/future comments, disregarding any and all possible repercussions and consequences

-Being forthright will any and all situations

-Being open to the point of creating a tense atmosphere based on how blunt you are
Person 1: "Bruh I ain't saying, I'm just saying yous a bitch and I'm ain't."

Person 2: "Nah I feel you, you just tellin' it on da real doe."

Person 1: "What do you think of my girlfriend?"

Person 2: "She got the personality condom. Takes all joy out of any situation. I'm just tellin' it on da real doe bruh."
by King of NA July 27, 2011
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A person who makes up the dumbest non believable stories to cover their shady asses, will go outta their way to waste time and expects you to believe them or acts offended when you don't.
This mother goose story tellin ass bitch just told me he don't have my money because three cats and a raccoon with a knife just robbed him behind maceys.
by April 27, 2023
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One or more hoe's staying at a hotel and either giving freely or selling sex is said to be, "Hoe-tellin".
Honey, I made a lot of money last night "hoe-tellin'"!
by modoman January 18, 2016
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