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the most annoying contrived scottish tripe excuse for slang
"Are you from Aberdeen..oops I mean are you fae Aberdeen"

"stop tryin to put on the slang you fucking moron- it sounds shit anyway"
by womoma April 15, 2005
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Breeding ground for conceited students with sore feet.
How do you know somebody goes to Trinity College?

Theyll tell you
by womoma April 15, 2005
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proof that the southside of Dublin has plenty of knacker bastards
"You wish you were from the Southside you fucking Northside knacker"
"Eh Im from Clontarf and its very nice, not like Tallaght you dumb cunt"
by womoma April 15, 2005
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jewish coins/israeli currency and for some reason, slang word for cash in Ireland.
Id say they cost ya a few shekels.

Yeah not too bad, 60 quid.
by womoma April 16, 2005
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short for "whats the story boys?" used by the working class of Dublin, who come from either side of the river see tallafornia, to say "hello guys, whats happening"..

They might also say simply "story" or if youre a stranger, "story bud" ..

its a slightly less common working class greeting as "Alrigh'"
"staarry boyyez, I got me bi' lass nigh'"
"go wan owa da' ye bleedin madjyoke"
by womoma April 15, 2005
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to kiss or lick somebodys anus for their sexual pleasure.

That sunkiss you gave me was tremendous. I never knew I could get so much pleasure from someone kissing my ass ring.
by womoma April 27, 2006
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having recieved oral stimulation on ones anus.

She was getting sunkissed by the milkman when her husband came home.
by womoma April 27, 2006
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