The best person you will ever meet. She will be the most precious person to ever enter your life. Every moment with her is memorable and full of joy. Not only is she pretty, but she also has an amazing personality. Tam does not realize how beautiful she is and will always sell herself short, so she always needs a reminder of her how beautiful and appreciated she is. She is very sensitive, delicate, tries her best not to burden others, and likes to keep her troubles to herself. All that will only make you want to become a more significant person in her life and be that person she can open up to during her darkest moments. She is easy to talk to and is comfortable to be around, which makes it easy to be yourself around her. She is the most supportive and accepting person ever. She is also artistic and creative, and will always surprise you with creative, handmade gifts.
Tam is so similar and relatable, sometimes I am convinced that she is the female version of me. Our connection is so strong that I genuinely believe she is my soul-mate.

Saranghae Tam.
by Goochi Mane May 25, 2021
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Tam is an extremely kind, deep thinking friend. She is stronger than she looks and rarely cries in front of others. She can talk, type, and write at amazing speeds, and always has something to say. She is someone who appears very reserved until you get to know her but once you are close with her, she will open up a lot. She is a great listener who doesn't think that talking behind someone's back is a crime. Tam can also write a story in close to no time flat. Tam is an amazing tree climber. Tam is amazingly hot. She is also really reasonable when it comes to opinions and can see her own faults, but doesn't let that stop her.
Tam is my best friend.

Person: Hey, who's way up high in that tree?
Me: Oh, that's Tam.

Tam can carry like 7 conversations on at the same time and still have deep stuff to say.
by Teegan Sygabeth Shatzler July 5, 2013
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extremely hot chick who is an animal in the sack and gives you a throbbing cock
"dude...i fucked tam..."
"dude"*high fives*
by micksterdidit April 9, 2009
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The type of person who is very sexual, very controlling and always ready to party. A Tam may be a person who tends to drink excessively and take pills(maybe ecstasy) at the same time, while always maintaining this dominating presence. Although these types of people are demanding at times they are sensitive and for some reason many people tend to be drawn to a Tam. Their power is mainly derived from their good looks and sexual nature.

Tam: You're coming out drinking with me tonight and we're gonna have fun.
Scott: I can't keep doing this. I need to study.
Tam: I promise I'll make it worth your while...(sexual referance)
Scott: (Shrugs) Ughh fine I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Tam: (Pushes person up against wall and breathes in to neck)
Person: You always do this. Stop it I know you have a girl friend and you're just drunk right now.
Tam: You know you want me. We'll be together by the end of the year.
by EA315 December 12, 2010
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The meaning of tam is: A masculine man
He lifts a lot of weights, that is why he is so TAM.
by sniffer July 8, 2006
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Tam, short for tamalpais high school.

A high school located in mill valley, where everyone is rich and smokes weed. at lunch time everyone hops into their new SUV's and goes downtown to get pearls or stefanos...and smokes weed. basically everyone at tam smokes or does some form of drugs or drinks. this high school has about 90 percent white people and 9 percent black people and 1 percent asians., everyone can afford their expensive clothes that you would see on a celebrity wear often..really, no joke. everyone at tam uses words that they have no clue what they mean like..HELLA, hyphy, yee, sick, cutty..etc. No one cares about their grades because they think that their daddy's can bye their way there. oh yeah, and one more thing Tupac Shakur went to this high school.

I bet your wondering how i know so much about this school, well because...i go there.

Edna: Dude, did u know that 2pac went to tam??

Brad: Yee, thats hella tight.

Colvin: What do u wanna do tonite?

Charlie: Lets get hyphy.
by millvalley10 February 26, 2009
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That Awkward Momemt
TAM when you realize you were wrong
by Bombinawesome58 October 9, 2015
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