When the site admin or moderator deletes/modify's posts which are off topic. Or just to prove how powerful they truly have become.
The posts where off topic so they got moderated.
by Clancy Wiggum July 27, 2004
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An internet virus.

A very little man, probably the spawn of J. Edgar Hoover with Cromwellian tendencies of stamping out opposing views on internet forums and chat rooms and rewarding sycophants. He's long given up the stakeout, the binoculars and the wire taps in favor of online activities behind the scenes. The more banal the website topic or thread, the crueler his tactics and iron fist becomes. His past is riddled with rejection, inability to hold a job or maintain friendships. And this arena, or "forum" is precisely the drug he needs to fulfill his illusions of grandeur and the taste of power over others.

Avoid him at all costs and find "real" humans to talk to, not avatars on a computer screen.
Guy#1: "I got booted out of that history forum today!"

Guy#2: "Really, why?"

Guy#1: "That moderator got po'd when I corrected him and told him Dumas was French mulatto and not 100% white. He said he'd banish me to internet Siberia if I attempted to challenge him again."

Guy#2: "Wow, that's just plain wrong!"
by Alleycat1969 July 10, 2012
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1) a sane person;
2) someone with a political belief that sits between the two extremes of liberal and conservative, usually combining aspects of both (example: liberal on social issues yet conservative on economic issues);
3) someone who seeks compromise on political issues and as such gets insulted by the two extremes who just don't get the idea that this form of government survives by compromise;
4) someone whose political beliefs seem quiet and mild, and as such always ignored by the media, which seeks out people from the screechy Left and shrill Right because they make for better sound bites.
Moderates rule. Turn off FOX News and CNN and turn on Cartoon Network!
by Paul Wartenberg December 2, 2003
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A man or woman typically between the ages of 16-36 who essentially 'maintains' forums, chat rooms, games, and other forms of internet media. Depending on the administrator's discretion, a moderator is given special perks that allow them to gain power over normal users. Enforcing the rules and warning/kicking/banning users are among the most common perks given to moderators. Unless it is a moderator gap period, at least one of these people will be online consistently to monitor the activity within a given community.

Moderators range from super friendly to super strict and everywhere in between. Here are some of the most common types of moderators:

Mr. Whatever: This type of moderator doesn't really know how he/she even became a moderator in the first place, but they are one nonetheless. They mostly ignore their job unless in the presence of higher-ups. Often looked down upon by the other moderators. Sometimes possesses traits similar to Sir Social.

Sir Social: This type of moderator is usually liked by the majority of the community. He/She often treats everyone as equals, and fully engages with everyone, even offering advice to struggling users if needed. Sir Social is known to be very lenient.

The Rules Guy: The average moderator. A few warnings then punishments as needed. That's it. As long as you follow the rules, you won't be on his/her bad side.

(Continued in Example)
Mr. Popularity: This type of moderator is generally popular among the community's high-end clique. He/she is usually a person who has been around for a long time, and only expresses genuine likeness among his/her friends and/or sycophant users. Often hostile towards everyone else, especially new users. If Mr. Popularity is ever in an argument with an inferior member, members of the clique will always back him/her up.

Mr. Smartass: This type of moderator will always go out of his/her way to correct everything you say and/or do. Even if it's none of their business. Sometimes pulls crazy statistics out of his/her ass; anything just to mortify the opposition. Often possesses the same traits as Mr. Popularity and/or Mr. Ego.

Mr. Ego: This type of moderator literally has an oversized ego. Mr. Ego, being the typical narcissist that he/she is, will always act as if he/she is higher up than everyone else, even if it means bending the rules and/or abusing their power. Almost always shares the traits of Mr. Popularity and Mr. Smartass. Sometimes bad enough to be a Nazi Moderator.

Nazi Moderator: This is the strictest, most despised type of moderator around. Nazi moderators will not go easy, even on the most minor of infractions. They don't mess around, and they're certainly not afraid to use the ban hammer on anyone. Act as if they are holier than thou. In the most extreme cases, nazi moderators could ultimately wipe out the majority of a website's user base.
by BCB5 May 18, 2015
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A guy/girl in charge of censoring/editing a certain part of a site
some are a-holes, some are awesome, and some use invisibility mode so you cant tell what the hell they are
some, still, are kissups to admin... hate these guys!!
that moderator is so awesome he let me slide with so much crap and offered me a job at modding too...haha
by ><-----,(('> April 26, 2009
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Assholes in a chat room who are on a total egotistical power trip. Like to think they are smarter than you. Generally have health issues of some kind. The admin and her minions work together as an eerie team. They won't hesitate to clique u and treat you like shit. Nasty folks who hate themselves in real life who need to feel like they can control others and issue "warnings". Will be totally inconsistent and call you out for the shit they do, hypocrites. Generally dominant and like to do most of the talking. There will be one mod who is nice, one who doesn't give a shit and just wants to pick up girls, and another who is an attention whore who uses the role solely to get some. The admin will tell the board she's leaving then return all to get some drama going. The most annoying fucking humans you will ever not meet. Should be dipped in gold, then left in a museum. If they don't like you, watch out.
The moderator was a sad sack who in real life had her own mother chained to a radiator in the basement, but in the chat room she was all smiles.
by silverbells7 December 20, 2016
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1. By definition, the greatest political alignment on Earth.

2. A person who actually thinks for themselves instead of automatically adhering to all beliefs of a bipartisan system.

3. Someone who views political issues objectively and in a open-minded manner.

4. Someone who is actually willing to listen to another person's viewpoint without completely bashing their ideas.
1. I am a moderate...yay for me.
by booshmaster May 11, 2003
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