A smooth slick guy, who is a player but is misunderstood.
Ari is holier than you could ever be.
by Standing in the corner May 2, 2005
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Smooth slick guy who is a player but is misunderstood and mistaken.
Ari is more holier than you think he is.
by Standing in the corner May 2, 2005
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acting like one is superior to others, condescending
I hate that bastard's holier-than-thou attitude.
by Light Joker December 20, 2006
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When a person has taken the moral high-ground or are just up themselves, they are being "Holier-than-thou". Holier-than-thou literally means, holier than me or better than me.
Just because I made one stupid mistake doesnt mean Britney gets to give me this holier-than-thou attitude!
by Dani October 29, 2005
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Refers to someone that is stuck-up, or a snob. They must ALWAYS be the leader, and they are always a good leader. Ironically, they always have numerous faults, but never EVER admit to them.
Ryza from NationStates.net is holier-than-thou
by Kenthar July 24, 2003
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A term used to describe an individual who identifies with the political left but takes their beliefs to an extreme level, using them to virtue signal and shame others who do not share their exact ideology.

These individuals are often seen as self-righteous and hypocritical, as they claim to champion progressive causes while simultaneously engaging in behavior that contradicts those beliefs.

Also "holier-than-left" is often used in response to individuals who engage in performative activism or who prioritize their moral superiority over actual progress.

It is also used to describe those who engage in cancel culture, attempting to silence or shame anyone who disagrees with their worldview.
I can't stand that holier-than-left guy who always lectures us about privilege but never actually does anything to help marginalized communities!
by The Ferocious Whomper April 16, 2023
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When your cat believes they are a better person than you.
The cat bit me because I didn't feed her on time she thinks she's Holier than miow.
by Max1984Harper August 8, 2018
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