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Someone, typically at work, who has higher powers over most people they work with. This higher power (usually a manager or someone's boss) tends to go to their head causing them to "Power trip" and abuse their rights as a manager/boss/owner. Such as picking on people or making their lives difficult, "Just because they can." is a person who is on a Power Trip.
"That police officer walks around like he owns everything around him."
by Jay June 02, 2004
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The rush one gets when he or she is promoted to a very high and authoritative position in a company's corporate hierarchy and eventually becomes an asshole.
"Watchout for the powertrip. Jack just got promoted as a corporate director for our firm"
by ShazzSpazz July 07, 2005
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Something a person "goes on" when they exert all their possible power (usually confined to forum moderation) to control people's behaviour, or to force others to listen to ranty monologues.
That moderator just kicked me off the list because I disagreed with her, then posted a rant about me with the comments turned off! Crazy woman is on some sorta power-trip.
by Eskoala March 22, 2011
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one who thinks that they are better than everyone else. Then goes on a huge anger spree and is mean to people just because they think they can be.
Adi Benami is on a huge ass power trip, she thinks that she is better than everyone in her school because her brothers slightly hot. Shes also in 6th grade and wears big ass panties all the fucking time. Love ya ADI- psyche
by Arielle May 13, 2004
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Dropping some acid and snorting speed. It is tripping balls with that extra kick, a little more power.
"Dude I'm already tripping hard but lets snort some speed and power-trip like a motherbitch!"
by Phalicey August 11, 2014
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Powertrip: when someone is on acid or shrooms and takes more drugs to trip harder
Person: Yo I'm already tripping but let's take some more shit so we can powertrip
by The Numerist June 12, 2018
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