When two people come to an agreement on something. Both give a little.
Bashar compromised with Caitlin, when he realized it was only fair that he tell her.
by Jude Bueller January 19, 2011
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A beautiful way to solve the issues and problems peacefully through straight forward conversation.
Peter always desperately look forward doing "COMPROMISE" because he loves doing peace and compromise.
by Baseer Ahmed August 9, 2003
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An agreement between two or more political parties in which one attempts to be reasonable and the other agrees to whine until they get everything they want under the pretense that the other party or parties are not, in fact compromising.
The Republican party is doing a great job reaching a compromise on the debt ceiling. They insist on having only spending cuts while the Democrats suggest cutting spending and increasing revenues.
by jenaimarre July 26, 2011
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is when both parties plan to cooperate so they both can be satisfied and have their separate needs met
In order for a marriage to work you have to compromise.
by Gerard Irick July 17, 2009
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When you promise you'll wear a G string for him if he promises to take it off of you as soon as possible.
I'll compromise and wear butt floss for you tonight honey... but we are staying IN.
by YourCloud July 10, 2003
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an arrangement between friends wherein one is constantly forced to let the others have their own way, otherwise one is considered to be an asshole.
Matt Damon's friends always make him compromise by telling him that they won't hang out with him until he makes another Bourne movie.
by rk1432 July 19, 2010
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