Disfunctional virtual places online which are home to a number of diverse and sometimes colorful characters who like to talk in cyber world. Also a place for weirdos and the like-minded to express their views online.
Who visits a chat room? Those odd bods from achatroom.co.uk
by WombRaider September 12, 2019
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A way for people to make stupid/boring/embarrassing comments to bland/stupid/embarrassing people.
Embarrassing + Stupid + boring: I've got a BIG COCK
Embarrassing + Stupid: LOL I RoXoR jOO nOOB
by D.iode May 31, 2003
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1.place where you go when you're incedibly bored and have nothin else to do.
2.Place where 46 yr old pedophile men pretend to be 14 so they can talk to young girls and possibly cyber w/ them
3.Place where people waste their life away by having pointless conversations with complete strangers or onlne friends.
1.OMG i'm going to resort to joining a chat room because im so bored.ARGGGHHH
2.mid aged pedophile man:Hi im a 14 yr old boy from new york and i like to have fun listening to loud music and skateboarding.Is there any 12 yr old girls here i can chat with.
12 yr old girl:Ya im 12.Lets be friends!
3.Person #1:Dude i just ate the biggest booger ever!

person #2:dude me too!

Person #3:Why the fuck am i here?
by Lynni September 25, 2004
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A place where pedophiles spawn. AOL chat rooms and any other sort are spawnign grounds for these sick individuals. AOL is never safe. Remember, wherever you are on the internet, the pederasts lurk!
by da hood' January 29, 2005
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A chat room is a virtual room where people can communicate in real time while on the Internet. Users type their messages with a keyboard and the entered text will appear on the monitor, along with the text of the other chat room visitors.
I talked to Jak in the chat room yesterday and he sounded mad.
by Jak Dude May 6, 2005
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A Place usually for people that love to waste time, or have too much time on their hands. Usually inhabited by normal, and strange individuals engaging in pointless chatter. Usually Adolecents, and teenagers visit Chat Rooms.
If a person in their late 20's/early 30's visiting a chat room often, he/she has way too much time on their hands and can be considered a social reject or "Loser".

by ASmartMark October 21, 2006
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Annoying places where people try to meet you in real life. They send you pictures and harass you endlessly. You sign onto places like The Sims and There and they never shut up. Stop using these chat rooms to bother everyone. You chat room people are annoying, and I don't care about you.
It's a beautiful day in Sunrise Florida. Brian wants to sign onto There to buy some nice designer jeans or Red Light District to get some nookie. People start messaging him. Want to meet in real life? Brian closes chat room window.
by Online game player December 2, 2013
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