To be really, really drunk. Obnoxiously so, whether amusing or irritating.
"Man, last night you were totally in charge. I'd be surprised if you remember any of it."
by SweetTalker82 October 8, 2009
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to run up to a girl when she is bent over and slam your dick in her ass
I "in charged" her last night
by dave February 24, 2004
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Q: "how charged are you?"
A: "Im at 80%, but one more shot, I'll be fully charged"

Q: "are you charged?"
A: " fuck yeah, I'm ready to go."
by chargedgirlz June 25, 2017
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im gonna smoke bare weed tonight and im gonna get charged
by steve November 5, 2003
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When your friend puts the end of a blunt in his mouth, and blows the smoke into your face while you breath in as much smoke as possible.
Gotta love a charge!
by SuperSonicX October 8, 2005
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Ben: you looking forward to the festival pal?
Darren: sí, proper charged mate.
by Jesussmel1s March 10, 2018
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