well it's basically a wilber soot song
oh baby isn't life so fu#k!ng inconsistent
by mytwitterisabrina.iame November 3, 2021
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Lacking consistence or continuity. The opposite of consistency. When something is inconsistent, it changes as opposed to being unchanged.
Because of my inconsistent data and conflicting information, I was fired from my job.
by Kylebiddle October 5, 2010
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When parts of something (design) don't match the rest and are "out of place".
Microsoft is making Windows inconsistent.
Being inconsistent is the second name of Microsoft.
by December 9, 2021
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Someone who is hard and up your ass one minute, but the next, they are soft and can barely get in your head.
It's hard to hate Isaac forever because even though he's a dick, he's an inconsistent dick, and he'll apologize just as soon as he's done being mean to you.
by Garrett Boyle April 18, 2008
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Each system (object) has two sets of points as per Alfred Tarski--a countable set and an UNcountable set.

In an inconsistent system; the uncountable set is on the surface-exterior..making the system countable.
Tarski objects are divided into consistent systems and inconsistent systems; with the consistent systems having the uncountable set on the surface interior. This means that the universe is a countable system whereas the mind is NOT a countable system.

This is because the mind contains its uncountable set on the surface interior; whereas the universe contains its uncountable set on the surface-exterior.

The mind is a non-tarski object meaning it cannot transfer its uncountable set to the hypermorphic plane through neo-nominalism.
by metastatic February 27, 2022
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