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someone who kisses ass to get ahead in life, often claiming positions above hardworking people.
I told the boss he had a nice ass and now i'm a partner.
by p.Diddy Poppa Nox July 27, 2003
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One who blatantly kisses as to get ahead, especially at work.
Dude, did you see Chuck Davidenko in Rod's office the other day? What a f*****g sycophant!
by dangdude September 13, 2011
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Modernised definition: "Ass kisser".

One who "sucks up" to another to achieve personal gain.
Dude One: "Oh my gawd did you see John yesterday with the boss?"

Dude Two: "Sycophantic fag."

Dude One: "I complimented the boss and got a raise!"
Dude Two: "Filthy sycophant..."
by Paradox. April 12, 2010
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