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A word that is commonly confused with subjectively, consequently, or something that ends with "ly". "Objectively" is an adverb, used to describe the subject being presented in an impersonal manner.

The word is used unnecessarily by people who have the habit of adding lengthy words to make them feel like their texts have more credibility, but it makes them look like that scumbag who would write reports with excessive amounts of text rather than getting to the point.

Quality is more important than quantity is what they say. We objectively don't need people using "objectively" to make their texts look more meaningful. See what I did there? Remove the "objectively" after "We", and you'll have something that is more readable.
The study objectively tests for whether the subjects' eye colors are dependent variables of the reaction times in an environment of 0.005 lux.
by JohoB5 December 08, 2014
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In a way that is infulenced by many perspectives. Without one or a groups personal bias and soley facts anyone can access . As well as in a way that is enterly dependent on the mind to be able to state existence in conclussion. It is a subconscious view made conscious.

Objective options are compromised subjective opinions.
The physical and mental state we think and know of as objectively true
by Rialeduc January 25, 2019
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