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The news your grandpa watches.
Also prescribed by your TV to lose brain cells.
Grandpa stop yelling at FOX News about politics!
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by dustydoor94 July 08, 2019
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A pseudo-news channel catering to the bottom of the American right-wing extremist barrel - people who are deathly afraid of anyone and anything that's even the slightest bit different from them. About as "fair and balanced" as the Iranian government, which it closely resembles.
Q: What does the "FOX" stand for in "FOX NEWS"?

A: Frustrated Old Xenophobes
by Grreg June 21, 2005
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National Republican Bullshit Network. Watched by ignorant, gun-toting, flag-waving ultra-nationalistic right-wing Christian fundamentalists who think George Bush is the new fucking Messiah or something; basically, the scum of American society who, if they had their way, would turn America in a fascistic police state in order to feel safe from the "terrorists" (aka: "brown people").
Fox News is only good for laughing at the bullshit those worthless Republicans like to spew. If you want a real source of news, go the independent route.
by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2003
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Sensationlist trash channel. State media dumbed down so even Dubya can understand it.
Fox News tries blame everything on liberals, and all its arguments could be defeated by a 7th grader.
by Devin March 23, 2005
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Biased right-wing propaganda machine created solely for the sake of brainwashing and misleading the people with alternative facts. Their shows are mostly garbage, especially Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Fox News shouldn't even be called "news", it's more entertainment than anything else. Their only good anchor is Shepard Smith, who is one of their only journalists.
Some Random Guy: Hey, do you watch Fox News?
Some Random Guy's Friend: No, why would I watch right-wing propaganda?
Some Random Guy: Because everything they say is true, and anyone who proves it wrong is considered part of the left-wing media!
Some Random Guy: Wow... you must have been hooked on Fox News... it's like a drug that you can't cure from.
Some Random Guy's Friend: You better not watch CNN or MSNBC, they are just liberal mouthpieces.
Some Random Guy: I know... but it's much, much better than watching white supremacists talk about how bad illegal immigration is and how they keep discussing Uranium One even though it's been debunked by one of their LEGITIMATE hosts, Shep Smith.
Some Random Guy's Friend: I can agree with you on that one.
by AngryDragon15 September 27, 2018
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