In Alpine Skiing a boot-out occurs when the skier lays his or her skis so far over on their edges that the ski boot makes contact with the snow causing the ski edges to lose their edge grip.

Boot-out mostly occurs during a carved ski turn and impacts Alpine skiers far more often than snowboarders.
I had a boot-out on that steep section and my skis shot out from under me.
by The Snow Prophet May 11, 2010
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go away ; get away from me
" . . . just boot out will ya"
by Joeboy (London) September 24, 2003
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High heeled boots that sexy but not as high, pointy, or sugguestive as "Fuck Me Boots". They fall between "Fuck Me Boots" and "Leave me alone Boots" often worn by construction workers and lesbians.
Kevin: Amy has her ask me out boots on again, she looks hot today.

David: Yeah, they are hot but nothing like Mandie's fuck me boots.
by jamison313 November 29, 2007
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Much tamer than "Fuck me boots" because the heel is shorter and less spikey. It is merely an invitation to ask me out and see how it goes. While less sexy than FMB they are much sexier than "Ignore me boots".
Dude, did you see Amy today? She has her ask me out boots on, I think I will.
by jamison313 February 20, 2007
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If you don’t have more than five dollars for gas you will get booted out of my car.
by Booted tf out July 15, 2019
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