Another word for management personnel, i.e. people who are in charge of projects or an organization within the company or are in charge of the company itself.
I demonstrated my work to higher-ups today. They were pleased with what I am working on.
by thetravelingcs January 19, 2012
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1. An immediate supervisor.

2. Next level up.

3. A step above.
A. That's our higher-up.

B. Here comes the higher-up(s) .
by Frank Grand April 17, 2020
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The place to where you report the unfounded and often piontless complaints of awful customers.
I'm very sory about that madam, I promise to report it higher up the archy.
by Jules van Cruysen October 30, 2005
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Taking your high to the next level
"I just got higher up after using the bong i got from that local smoke shop."
by Higher Up Smoke March 2, 2022
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