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City in Florida, located gulf coast central area. Geographic highlight is the wide bay flowing out to the Gulf of Mexico. Is the major urban area of a large metro region known as Tampa Bay (which includes neighboring St. Petersburg and Clearwater). Population is a mix of mostly first/second generation transplants from the north during the Florida population growth of the 1970s and 80s, and Cubans and other Caribbean exile communities. Is best known as the home of long-suffering (until recently, when they won the Super Bowl) NFL team Buccaneers, and one of the first successful pro hockey teams south of Philadelphia in years. The bay metro area is also a prominent baseball Spring Training locale and home of a really weak pro baseball team.
Local economy relies mostly on tourism/beaches, with shipping/importing/exporting, finance, and some aerospace industries.
Is considered a middling metro area compared to Florida's major metro Miami/Dade-Ft.Lauderdale-Palm Beach, and not as favorite a tourist attraction as Orlando. However, the beaches are great, the ambience (sp?) is pleasant, and traffic throughout Florida sucks anyway so just live with it, okay?
Metro area is also birthplace of the Hooters restaurant franchise.
Tampa. Home of the lukewarm buffalo wings and hot waitresses.
by Paul Wartenberg February 22, 2004
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A mid-1980s arcade game where you pilot a ship through an asteroid field mining for bombs to use against a super-demonic space robot called Sinistar, which is being built by swarming drones and defended by fast-firing tanks. Once Sinistar's construction is completed, he starts threatening and taunting you ("Run, Coward!") and makes a beeline to your sorry hide. The stress level involved gets ridiculously high. It is/was quite possibly the toughest arcade game in human history.
Beware, I live.
I hunger.
by Paul Wartenberg December 11, 2003
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Combining ninja with bimbo, describes a female warrior in tight, revealing outfits wielding swords or martial arts weaponry. A hottie character usually seen in anime, comic books and hentai. A fantasy dream-date for geeks and fanboys.
Elektra, Zealot, Psylocke, and in cinema Zhang Ziyi.
by Paul Wartenberg January 4, 2005
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1) a sane person;
2) someone with a political belief that sits between the two extremes of liberal and conservative, usually combining aspects of both (example: liberal on social issues yet conservative on economic issues);
3) someone who seeks compromise on political issues and as such gets insulted by the two extremes who just don't get the idea that this form of government survives by compromise;
4) someone whose political beliefs seem quiet and mild, and as such always ignored by the media, which seeks out people from the screechy Left and shrill Right because they make for better sound bites.
Moderates rule. Turn off FOX News and CNN and turn on Cartoon Network!
by Paul Wartenberg December 2, 2003
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The generation born right around the end of the 1960s baby boomer cultural takeover, basically anyone born after 1965 (Dylan going electric) and before 1977 (so that you'd hafta be at least 1 yr. old when Star Wars came out). The title Generation X was designated by the media to indicate a distinct group population for marketing purposes. Generation X members are generally considered laid back (slackers), market savvy (having been inundated by the mass media and MTV since their pre-teen years), prone to psychological disorders (the first generation with a majority to have grown up with absent or divorced parents), and considered less important than baby boomers (who are btw the egomaniacal bastids to make that distinction in the first place, sheesh). Generational trends however suggest that Gen Xers are smarter than people think, are more capable and hard working than expected, and will eventually rule the world by lining up the baby boomer bastids against the wall when the revolution comes!
Also, the name of a punk band I think.
None needed. Generation X already knows.
by Paul Wartenberg September 24, 2003
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A Hummer that dings the other cars in the parking lot.
Why oh why is that Hummer allowed to park in the Compact lot? It's humdinging everything!
by Paul Wartenberg January 25, 2005
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