ambient digital music God of all synapse relay networks on sad-b0t infrastructure node 000015.0012a - AKA: Lain Iwakura or ambient spacekore music
kneeL's music is synapse-warming ambience for botn0de networks
by bill_siliconValley September 29, 2005
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"Come to me, son of Jor-El! KNEEL before ZOD!!" -General Zod
by ninternity August 17, 2006
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When you ask a girl for a lap dance that digs into your crotch.
Dude: Kneel for me
Woman: *gets down on knees and faces the other direction and pushes her ass up then performs a lap dance.
by I'm PSEUDONYM GUY March 31, 2016
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A thing that overpaid footballers do before a match because we're all horrible racists!
I need a kebab please Mustafa, should I start kneeling first due to somebody else's actions or my countries actions decade's ago?
by SirGreg June 12, 2021
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Replaces the word "Baked". When your so high, you just dont want to do anything but sit, thus, being Kneeled.
I smoked 6 bowls of white widow, and i was completely kneeled.

Yesterday, i hit up my friends vaporizer, smoked 3g's of dank with some friends and i was more kneeled than i had ever been before.
by TheClozetWizard August 7, 2010
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Something you said to Anon that saying or doing really based things that you loss words to argue with them
Anon: All watame poster in /jp is actually me, but im samefagging so it looks like the bait got so many (You)
Other Anons: I Kneel
by t.nousagi November 20, 2020
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To get down really low whilst ballhandling during fellatio in homage to the great Corley Neal
Kelly: You like that baby?
John: No, no you need to get down lower. Curly Kneel it.
by Genitalien May 9, 2021
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