A very attractive guy that always lights up the party. When someone is feeling down, he lightens their day w/ a smile. Neal is an outgoing guy that won't give up on what he wants to accomplish. Funny, talented, different, and inspiring to other humans.
"I'm having a bad day. I wish Neal was here. I wouldn't even be performing today if it wasn't for him!"
by RaunchyDinosaur7 October 1, 2015
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Neal is most likely a Gemini man who is very tall and has a great face and eyes. He comes off as outgoing when you first meet him, but he has a quieter side. Asks the most random questions and is genuinely funny and is great friend to have. The man has a story or reference to anything you can think of and you're guaranteed a dynamic conversation about anything. He is liked by everybody who meets him to the point that they all beg him to come work with them. Neal follows his own path though and rejects all offers. Honestly Neal is the type of dude who is likely to be successful in anything he tries out. If you find him on a fishing boat in Alaska don't be surprised. Overall chill dude with a good heart.
Dude 1: Did you hear what Neal said?
Dude 2: I didn't but I bet it was interesting and funny
Dude 1: and you'd be right!
by woohoo7 September 18, 2021
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Holy Shit look! its a fuckin bear! na bai tis just a neal
by yurtmcgee August 11, 2017
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Neal Is A Guy Who Is Obviously Fuckin Sexier Than Alex...And Niki Knows This Fact Aswell
Oh Hey Look At Those Guys Overe There!

The One On The Right Is Such A Neal!

Yeahh The Other One Is An Alex
by Nealisforreal January 21, 2010
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Bad ass kid who plays his cards straight. Tends to be really good at school, but competes in sports too. Very busy outside of school. Very athletic
Neal Smart kid, but is good at all the sports
by Neiil September 11, 2008
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Quiet, sexy, smart, would do anything for his friends or his x-box 360. Loves to drink at home with good friends, or spend the day long boarding with his step daughter. In short, his imperfections make him perfect.
"Oh you need a ride to the airport at 3:00am, Neal will do it."
by Neals Babydoll February 3, 2010
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Neal is a wonderful companion. Charming, and such a sweetheart. He’s a great dog, and deserved better. He’s a little shy, but let’s you rub his lil belly when you pet him in the right spot. Neal, I know you’re watching this from up in doggy heaven but lemme tell you that I love you. I love you I love you I love you. I’m so sorry if I ever failed you. Anyways, a Neal is very loyal, and has the kindest heart, but is very sensitive. He may die, literally or figuratively, but you’ll always remember him and his best moments. 🦴🐶
Neal. My baby! Oh my god I miss you so much.
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