usually done by a female to a male, where she dances provocatively, rubbing her ass on his lap and such and is usually paid to do so
on his 18th birthday he went out and got a lap dance
by dawn June 16, 2002
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An erotic dance that a female performs while straddling the lap of another person(typically male).
My husband enjoys watching me give his friends lap dances.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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when a girl dance for a guy. guy sits on chair, and girl gyrates all over his crotch. basically dry humping/dry sex. gives both people pleasure.
i came home from work and found my girl sitting on the chair wearing just a red g-string. i came next to her and sexy up beat music came on. she told me to sit on the chair and started to give me a lap dance. her boobs were bouncing all over the place and she started to take my clothes off. she then straddled on top of me and started humping on my crotch. her breats in my face. she then pulled out the whipped cream and sprayed it all over her boobs and cleavage, she grapped the hair from the back of my head and smothered my head in the whipped cream and continued to hump my crotch when i came up from thr cream i picked her up and carried her to the bed, with the whipped cream. and the rest is too good for u!
by i<3dickss August 21, 2011
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The ultimate nightmare of man. It's porn that can see you.
Stripper: Would you like a lap dance?
by deathmetalfan May 22, 2011
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Like "dry humping", only not for free, since it's usually not from your partner. Rubbing against one another in the genital area, usually with one's close on. Gender is regardless, but it's usually done to a male.
see also: dry hump
My partner gave me a lap dance last night, thus I didn't have to pay for it!
by Annonymous February 5, 2005
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An extremely sexy, erotic dance a woman performs on a man at a strip club, usually for money. She rubs her vagina, breasts, and butt over the chest, penis, even face of the Man, which usually causing an erection. It's usually followed by some hardcore banging as payment.
Tom: Mindy gave me a nice lap dance last night. I related her by slamming her in he butthole. She was screaming at the end.
Mindy: True. You should've seen him when I started placing my breasts over his mouth and nose while giving him a mild handjob and grinding my vagina on his hard dick.
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 17, 2017
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