circa 1970s American slang

1) to party
2) to have sex
3) to dance
4) to abandon nonsense and confront
"Trouble Man", by Marvin Gaye:
I been for real, baby . . .
I come up hard.
I come up, gettin' down.

"Get Down Tonight," K.C. & Sunshine Band:
"Do a little dance, make a little love,
Get down tonight."
by Tom Cool October 8, 2005
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A certain act that must occur on Friday. The first human being to enlighten us as to the obligatory nature of this act is Rebecca Black, a distinguished artist who lived in the 21st century.
Rebecca Black: Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!!!

First youtuber who heard the song: Oh god, she is so right!

(Everybody agrees, and the video went unforgettable day for mankind)
by HistorianXXV April 13, 2011
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To begin foreplay, sex...
Usually in association with cutting all the stupid games and getting straight onto some physical action.
by CS January 9, 2004
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To get down means to participate in something with other people. It could be anything, really, but it generally is associated with smoking some ganja.
Yo, you wanna get down on this blunt?
by 234234234999 January 22, 2008
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To exit a car. This expression is common to small towns in south Louisiana such as Cottonport and Donaldsonville.
"I'm going into the store to get some groceries, you want to get down or stay in the car."

"They drove up to the party and didn't even get down. They just sat in the car all night."
by Dub Moss March 25, 2008
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We got down on an 8 ball last night.

"If you wanna get down, down to the ground, Cocaine" in Cocaine by Eric Clapton
by sec_8 April 26, 2006
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