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the bestest comeback ever. if you're getting roasted, you can just say " no you" and you automatically win.
friend: ur mom got the big gay
you: no you
friend: *dies*
by nononottheredaddy March 12, 2018
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No you, Also known as No U.

Dumbest comeback known to man, YET most effective.

It reflects Teh PWNAGE (Look that up) back to the sender.
Bob: Yo Tom, you Teh Small Cox, HAHA!
Tom: No you.
Bob: Aw..
by Purpoh March 27, 2009
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Possibly the greatest comeback ever devised. Although it seems childish it was originally used to almost parody the usual immature responses in mature arguements with immature people.
It was brought to popular use from the popular Machinima, Masterchief Sucks At Halo 3/Arby and the Chief
Matt: Why dont you just stop being such a little kid?
Tom: Why dont you just die?
Matt: No you
by Deine Mutte July 20, 2008
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Ultimate come back used for any situation.
This come back was created by the great Bryan who we believe is a border line genius.
(Jesse) Hey bryan i did you sister last night.
(Bryan) NO YOU!
by > 9000 April 06, 2009
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A retort to "you are", the the mid-level retaliatory responce.
"you are."
"no you."
by Diablos November 11, 2002
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