high as fuck...nuder inluence of WEED...high in the sky
i got baked today with my firedn, i almost passed out
by pothead August 7, 2003
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Chance Richardson.

Damn you are so baked right now.
by Frank Dalfred February 12, 2009
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Not only high but high and lazy as all hell. Baked is where you are too tired to fucking get off of your couch, whereas usually high means you can still function.
Dude I am so fucking baked as I am writing this.
by TetrisHydraCanofbeanoil March 18, 2009
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Being so fucking stoned you don't know what you are doing.

Yo man i am so baked. Man wanna go get baked? Man i am mad baked
by Asfunorzo May 8, 2008
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the aftermath of smoking a nice fat blunt!! accompanied by hits from the 3 chamber bong then followed by a rip form the bowl.
dam this is good", "yo pass that shit!!!!" "i cant man this left me baked out of my mind"
by durpaderp December 15, 2010
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you are so high that you can bearly walk, or you are so high that you pass out.
by and you care why? March 18, 2003
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the process of tanning whereby skin color is darkened due to exposure to UV rays from sunlight or artificial sources
spends day at the beach

Dude you look baked
by purple_plum July 3, 2019
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