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high as fuck...nuder inluence of WEED...high in the sky
i got baked today with my firedn, i almost passed out
by pothead August 06, 2003
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when you are just feeling more than a nice buzz, you are baked.
"I'm pretty baked".
"on the scale?".
"on the scale, I'm about 4.6".
"right on".
by tittyfucking November 05, 2006
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A mental state of being an individual or group of dudes and/or chicks experiences after ripping a fat doobie, horking down a crispy binger, or burning up a bowl of some chronic reefer, characterized by a dry mouth, reddened eyes, and a desire to consume large amounts of cookies, doritos and "It's It" icecream sandwiches. And uh............Oh yea, and everything is fucking hilarious
I just snapped a pole of some of that sick herb Todd brought down from Mendecino. I'm so baked.
by Chelvin May 23, 2006
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