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Introduced in Superman II, General Zod was a traitor to Superman's homeworld of Krypton and participated in the series of events that forced Krypton's destruction. Also, Zod is totally bad-ass.
by Aaron Silvers August 14, 2005
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abbreviaviation for Zone of Discretion. A time and place when it is improper to discuss certain objects, events or people. As a verb it serves as a warning that whatever is being discussed is about to be heard by someone not meant to hear. The imperative is "Z.O.D!", and is used as a warning. When the Z.O.D. is invoked the discussion of that topic must end immediately.
Argy and K-hole are talking about a slut at school. As Argy gets ready to describe her terrible B.O., the slut approaches from behind Argy. K-Hole says "I think you should Z.O.D. that."

K-Hole is discussing his love of blowing up frat boys cars and scooters while walking down the street while passing a cop not seen by K-Hole. Argy says "Z.O.D. that for later."
by El Sadado May 03, 2007
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A rune in Diablo 2: LoD, noted for being damn near impossible to find. Renders any item into which it is socketed indestructable. Usefulness, except as a trading item was diminished in the 1.09 patch, when socketing a zod into something would reduce the durability of the item to zero. Supposedly, the reason this was discovered in 1.09 was that Blizzard managed to get a patch out before someone could find one. Yes, they are that rare, or at least seem to be.These can go for many dozens of SoJs, and even dozens of real-life dollars.
"Man I'm tired. I spent five hours straight doing cow runs looking for a Zod rune."
by Deuce on Guard August 14, 2003
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A fat acne ridden nerd that only does bgs from the moment he gets up, until 7 am in the morning
Iamzod: "bgs?"
by Mitzter June 19, 2015
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NOZ just slaughtered your whole f#^&!$% team!!!!!!!!
by Legend December 31, 2004
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