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it is a hoe with awesomely epic powers of sex, like a mage.
Guy 1 " Dude that girl last night totally just kept me going all night last night. I didn't know her but it was like i was under some awesomely power of sex"

Guy 2 "Dude she was a homage"
by That Chubby Fellow August 12, 2011
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n. an honor, tribute, or respectful reference to someone or something.

The word is pronounced "OM-ij" or "HOM-ij", not "oe-MAZH", as is popular in the entertainment industry. This erroneous pronunciation came about when people starting thinking the word was French and wanted to sound sophisticated. The word is not French. It comes from Middle English, then from Old French, which was not pronounced the same as modern French. The French word for homage is "hommage" (with two m's).
The remake made an homage to the original by casting the heroine from the old film as the heroine's mother in the new film.
by spadlunk April 30, 2010
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A ceremonial acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law....So in Other words when a nigga come around town you best be respectin him in praise fo SHO.
Clayton's Bitches - "Ohh shit, clay clays in town!"

Clayton - Coppin homage what? still got it..
by Clay Clay May 16, 2006
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